Welcome to Creating Kirstie

I’ve had the idea of creating a blog in my head for some time now. It has taken me a while to actually sit down and start to write. Do I actually have anything interesting to say? ¬†Would anyone even want to read it? And, the dreaded, OMG what if someone I know “in real life” reads it?

Putting off doing something due to fear, or waiting for he “right time”, just holds us back from reaching goals we haven for ourselves . This is true whether we are talking about a fitness journey, starting a new project or making that large life change hat has been consuming our thoughts.

With that being said, welcome to Creating Kirstie! This blog won’t be perfect, and there will likely be a typo or two. But, life seldom is perfect, and what fun would it be if it was? ¬†Here I hope to provide health and fitness tips, food and recipe ideas, and general wellness content that helps you create a balanced, happy life!